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Crime Scene Camps

I will be running a four day program with the Village Homeschool group in Dunellen, NJ on the following dates: February 3 and 17, and March 3 and 17.  The sessions will run from 12:15 to 2:15.  The sessions will be as follows:

Session 1: Fingerprints and blood (synthetic).  We will do hands on activities dealing with collecting and classifying fingerprints and with detection of blood.  The kids will learn a lot about both types of evidence, and we will do a few mini experiments to show how forensic scientists might test something on the spot.

Session 2: Handwriting, shoes, and trace evidence.  The kids will try their hand at faking their handwriting and learn how experts thwart such attempts.  We will discuss three famous cases that may come down to handwriting, if they are ever to be solved.  There will also be a bit of prep for the mock crime scene.

Session 3: Mock Crime Scene.  The kids will collect and analyze evidence and question suspects/witnesses to solve the case.  My mock crime scenes are layered and created in a way that makes the kids challenge their assumptions as they move along.

Session 4: Forensic Anthropology.  The kids will learn about bones and will do a facial reconstruction activity on plastic skulls.  They will also get to work with animal bones to see what features help to identify species, type of bone, age, etc.

I have arranged the following cost for the program: $100 per child, if we have a minimum of 12 kids.  If we don’t have enough to run the program, the registration fees will be refunded.  

Since we have reached the minimum number needed, I have removed the registration deadline.  If you are interested in registering, please do so.

The age range for the program is 8 and above.

To register, use the registration box below.

Registration for the 4 session Dunellen program for one child.