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Mystery Writers Program
Do you aspire to be a mystery writer?  One of the hurdles that many writers face is attaining technical accuracy in their descriptions of their subject matter.  While it is great to come up with an engrossing mystery filled with twists and turns, it is necessary to make the work of your detective/investigator/cop characters realistic.  Watching sensationalistic television shows simply won’t cut it.  
I have developed the Mystery Writers Program to introduce aspiring authors to real investigative techniques.  Attendees will be able to take part in hands-on activities so that they can see and feel what collection of various types of evidence is like.  I will point out details about which levels of investigative agency (local police, state police, FBI) would do each type of activity and highlight the constraints on local police due to budgets and training.  We will discuss how long various types of evidence remain viable, how long it takes to process certain types of evidence, and the roles of each staff member at a crime scene.  I will also discuss the most cutting edge advances in forensic science, including atomic force microscopy for nano-analysis of fingerprints on bullets, micro x-ray refraction which uses tiny beams of x-rays to find prints on difficult surfaces, new chemicals to detect decades-old blood stains, and databases for everything from fingerprints and DNA to tire tracks and automobile paint.
As a bit of background, I have a unique background for this type of program.  I spent 11 years as an attorney, where I focused on analysis of evidence.  I currently teach forensic science, criminology, crime and ideology, environmental forensic science, and historic unsolved crimes at the college level.  I am also a writer myself and my wife, who helped develop this program, has a literature background as well.
What types of locations would be perfect for this program?  Libraries, independent bookstores, and writing centers are the most obvious answers, but really any place where aspiring authors can meet would be ideal.
This is also a great program for homeschooled teens who love to write.
As dates are scheduled, I will include them on this page and on the Calendar page.
If you would like to contact me for more information or scheduling, please e-mail me at
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