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I am now offering most of my classes through  However, I have two classes that I am offering independently.  Both will eventually be offered on Outschool, but since I am just starting to present these classes, I am offering a special registration fee of $100 for the week of June 3 (they will be $125 after this week).
The Zodiac: 10 Week Intensive course.  This is a high school / middle school level course, and will go into great detail about this iconic case.  We will look at the works of several authors, the FBI file, parts of the Vallejo and San Francisco PD files, newspaper stories, and much more.  Even if students have taken Unsolved Crimes Series 2 with me, this class will cover a huge amount of material that the students would not have seen previously.  The cost for this class is $105 for the full 10 weeks.  

The Zodiac class will run on the Zoom system, and students will receive a link to get into each session.  This class will meet on Mondays at 1 pm Eastern starting June 17.  However, I have several other day and evening time slots available as well, if a different time would work better for the students.
Forensic Science 3: A Case from Start to Finish.  This class will merge the approaches of my Forensic Science and Mock Crime Scene classes.  This one will involve a fictional case which I have created specifically for this class.  Students will begin with a visual analysis of evidence, including fingerprints, shoe prints/impressions, fibers, hair, etc.  Evidence will be available for download, or, if families are interested, I will send a packet of evidence for analysis by mail.
The next phase will be reviewing our analysis and determining investigative avenues.  We will also discuss the types of testing that would be required.
Students will receive printed testing reports for the evidence in the case.  They will be able to take that information and either interpret it directly, or use it as they look at “mock databases” that will be on a special page on this website.  For instance, they will be able to review tests on fibers and then look through the database for matches.
A second level of review will then put the visual and lab testing together to determine the workable theories of the case.  At that point, we will conduct questioning of witnesses and suspects in order to solve the case.
Finally, for students who take this class through this website, I will offer a mock trial.  This is an extra addition to the class that will eventually be a completely separate class, but which I want to offer to those who take the first offering of this class as part of their experience.
This class will meet Thursdays at 11:30 am (or 11, if all families agree that time would work better), starting June 20.
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Class Recordings:

Forensic Science 3, June 27