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This page will contain downloadable materials for various classes I teach through Outschool.  Simply find the class below, and you will see the materials you will need.

The Professor and the Watch:

Scene Intro document

Reference Fingerprint Chart

Fingerprints - Batch 1

Room 112 Sketch and additional evidence



Museum Case documents:

Museum Case Intro

Museum Case Evidence Release 1

Museum Case Evidence Release 2

Museum Case FOIA Documents

Museum Case Fingeprint Chart

Museum Case Evidence Release 3

Museum Case: Day 2 Release

Museum Case: Vidor and Swanson Sketches

Museum Case: Fingerprint Set 1


Forensic Science:

Zodiac Documents

Unsolved Crimes:

Lindbergh ransom notes

Hauptmann writing samples

Lindbergh Ladder


This kit includes a fiberglass fingerprint brush, a small packet of dual action latent print powder, one set of BlueStar tablets to mix a batch of BlueStar blood detection liquid, and synthetic blood.

Forensic Kit





For my forensic science classes with a “hands on” day, you can order a kit of suppliers. This is a basic kit, which allows me to keep the cost to you down.  It includes a fingerprint brush, dual action powder, one set of BlueStar tablets, and items with synthetic blood for detection exercises.  The cost is $20 and includes shipping.  I have set the prices for this items so that they simply cover my costs, shipping from the supplier, and shipping to you. I do not make any money off of these kits--they are purely a part of my students’ class experience.

If you wish to add or change items, there are some options:

Extra brushes are $4.50 each.

2 ounce container of dual action powder, add $5.00.

2 ounce container of fluorescent powder, $13.50 (I would suggest buying an extra brush if you do this, since you would not want to mix black powder with the fluorescent powder).  I would contact you to determine the color of fluorescent powder you want.

2 ounce container of dual action magnetic powder, $8.25.  You would need a magnet to apply this powder to latent prints.

Extra application of BlueStar, $6.00.

Full 8 ounce bottle of synthetic blood, $26.00.

Full box of 4 BlueStar applications, $24.00.

If you have any other items you have heard about that you would like to ask about, please let me know, and I will get you information on their cost.  

If you wish to add any of these items to your kit, please e-mail me, and I will send you a separate PayPal invoice for the amount of these items.