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Capital District Teen Forensic Science
I have a special group of teens who have attended two or more of my programs, and some have done some of my in person classes as well.  I am offering a hybrid in person/online class for teens that will dig deeper into forensic science and the legal issues surrounding forensic investigations.  We will explore certain scientific issues that we have seen already in much greater detail.  We will tackle all new types of evidence and carry those through to the point where we feel that we have fully explored each one.  We will do a lot of case studies to see how various areas of forensic science are used in the real world.  We may also do some optional field trips to crime labs, a physics lab, and other places if the families wish to do so.
I have heard from multiple parents that my classes have inspired their kids, and I want everyone to know that these kids inspire me as well.  My teaching philosophy is that the most important activity a student can do is think, and I have been so pleased with the effort, questions, and creativity of these students that it makes me want to continue to develop more for them to explore.
This class can start as soon as we get the students registered and the parents determine that their schedules allow for a meeting.  I would love to have an initial meeting with the students and parents (if possible) to create a syllabus (which may undergo some changes over time) so that we can focus on a lot of topics that are of interest to everyone.

This class is going to run for a while.  I don’t mean to sound non-committal, but in reality, I’m hoping that everyone wants to keep going with it into the fall.  I envision at least 12 weeks of meetings, but if people want to continue over the summer (even in a reduced capacity), we can simply add more meetings.

The cost of the class will be $120.  I will send the students all readings, and if my Advanced Forensic Science Manual is ready during the term, I will e-mail them pdf copies of that as well.  

I have a program at Yacon on April 1 called the Mega Crime Scene program, which is a day-long crime scene with multiple settings and a ton of evidence.  I’ve spent a lot of time on this scene, and I’ve used it with some of my best online homeschool forensic science groups, so I know that it will be a lot of fun.

I also will have a Forensic Science II program on May 20 (at Yacon or another nearby location).  This will be different than the Forensic Science I and Forensic Anthropology programs that I recently did at Yacon.

If people are interested in signing of for the main class and one of these programs, the cost would be $150 (each program is $45 alone).  If they want to sign up for the class and both programs, it would be $175.

I’ve created registration tabs below specifically for these options.

Registration for one student for the Capital District Teen Forensic Science class.





Registration for one student for the Capital District Teen Forensic Science class and one full day program.





Registration for one student for the Capital District Teen Forensic Science class and two full day programs.





One other quick note.  I have my U.S. Elections class coming up.  There is a separate page for that class.  If you are interested in doing that class as well as the forensic science class, there would be a special combined rate.  Just let me know, and I’ll get that to you.

Election Class page.