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Rutland Homeschool Program

I will be running a one-day program in West Rutland, VT on November 16.  This program will have different content from the program I did on May 11.  We will spend the first 2.5 hours covering a few types of evidence, collection techniques, what the evidence can tell us, and stories of how it has been used in real cases.  Then, after lunch, we will have a mock crime scene in which I place evidence and provide the students with a story of where we are and what has been reported. Students then collect evidence, analyze it, discuss hypotheses about the crime(s), question witnesses and suspects, and finally solve the case.

The program will run from 10 am to 4 pm on November 16, 2016 at a classroom on the property of a local homeschooler.  The address is 1376 Clarendon Ave., West Rutland.

The age range for the program is flexible, and as a homeschooler myself, I always say that parents know their children better than anyone.  Most programs have kids ranging from 8 to 16, and homeschoolers work well across age ranges, so I’m never worried about this.

The cost of the program is $45 for one child.  The cost for each additional child in the same family is $38.

To register, simply use the registration box below.  After registration, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and further details.

Registration for one child for the West Rutland program on November 16, 2016.





Registration for one additional child in the same family for the West Rutland program on November 16, 2016.





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