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School Programs
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I offer a variety of school programs that allow schools to bring forensic science to their students.  I can do anything from 1 day to a week or more.  This past June, I conducted a week of programs in Union Springs New York for their 4th - 6th graders.  With that week-long program, classes were able to rotate in to cover each type of evidence and then each class had a different portion of one large mock crime scene at the end.  
My forensic science programs can be tailored to any age group.  In addition to the programs for younger kids, such as the Union Springs classes listed above, I have done middle and high school programs, and I teach various forensic science courses at the college level.  I tailor my programs to the age of the group, so high school students won’t get the same program as the elementary age kids.
The advantages to this type of program are:

Kids of all ages are easily engaged with forensic science, and this helps get kids interested in science.

My programs use real investigative equipment and supplies, so kids can feel what it’s really like to collect evidence.

My programs include a mock crime scene that is meticulously planned for each group.  These scenes have the extra benefit of pushing the use of critical thinking and questioning one’s own assumptions.

I have a wealth of stories ranging from things that happened in kids programs to interesting elements of actual investigations.  This helps humanize the topic and the kids are drawn in even more.

I am registered with some BOCES locations in NY, and I am working on being listed with more.  I can conduct these programs just about anywhere in the U.S.

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