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Unsolved Crimes Program
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I teach a college course on Unsolved Crimes that have captured our attention and fascinated millions of people.  I also teach an online teen version of this course.  This program is a version geared toward either teens or adults.  We will discuss the forensic evidence in famous unsolved (and some possibly incorrectly solved) cases in an attempt to better understand what may really have happened.
The cases may include Jack the Ripper, the Black Dahlia, the Jon Benet Ramsey investigation (to show just how badly an investigation can be handled), the Lindbergh Baby case (possibly solved incorrectly), Lizzie Borden, and others.  
The problem with most discussions of these cases is that they are based on conjecture and guesswork.  My aim is to discuss how forensic science techniques can be applied to older cases.  In some of the cases, powerful tools can no longer be used because certain evidence is no longer viable, but in these instances, the forensic scientist must look for ways to apply other tests to find evidence.
New pages will be added under this page where attendees/students can upload their ideas on these cases.  I want to foster a continuing interest in researching historical cases and a place where people can share their ideas.  
This program is ideal for libraries (teen or adult programs), writing groups, or homeschool groups, but I am always happy to present programs to any interested groups.

If you would like more information about this program, please e-mail me at