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Upcoming Programs
Anna dusting for prints with a fiberglass brush and dual action black/silver powder.  Photo courtesy of Alicia Bayer. For full slide show and article, click HERE.
NEW SCIENCE EXPERIMENT AND RESEARCH PROGRAM:  This hands-on class is designed to get kids excited about creating their own experiments in any area of science.  We will cover experiment design, the scientific method, and move on to activities that are great demonstrations of various scientific processes.  We will have a stream table to demonstrate the erosive power of water where we can change assorted variables and a shake table to demonstrate the power and action of an earthquake where kids can look at the different effects with different soil types, building types, etc.  We will have tree cores that can be used to examine the age, health, and contamination of trees.  We will take a short walk outside and collect items to study, including water from the wetland to see under a microscope.  We will look at a simple experiment to track the angle of the sun in your own yard and how to create a really neat visual representation of the sun’s angle as the seasons change with a photograph of your yard.
We will also look at simple projects that can be done at home so that kids can set up a series of experiments after the program ends.  
There will be research projects that I am working on in forensic science that kids can take part in as part of their homeschooling and report the results that will be posted on this website on a page that will be put up this fall.
I am working on scheduling programs throughout the Northeast, including cities throughout New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  Finding locations is always the trick, but I will be putting information about new programs up as soon as it becomes available.
What’s covered in a One Day Program:
During the first part of the program, we cover:


Shoe Evidence

Blood Evidence (synthetic)

Written evidence

Forensice uses of geology, botany, entomology, and palynology
The second part of the program is the mock crime scene.  The kids will collect and process evidence on their way to solving the crime.
Toria using the phenolphthalein tests to check for blood.  Photo courtesy of Alicia Bayer.
Suggest a location:  We would love to hear your ideas about locations where we can hold future programs.  We moved to New York in August 2010, so we are still getting the lay of the land. If you would like to discuss a location, please e-mail me at
Contact Information:
Thom Jones
Cell: 518-709-4265
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I am currently setting up spring programs.  I am planning on multiple programs in the Capital District and northern Vermont at the moment.  I have a wide open schedule this fall, so I am actively seeking other locations.  If you have a suggestion, please let me know.  Information on specific programs will be added here as soon as it is available.
NEW FORENSIC SCIENCE AND LITERATURE PROGRAM:  This program includes the Mystery Writers Program and the Maltese Falcon Program in one day.  Full details of each of these programs can be found on their individual pages.
Comments from a parent at the West Hartford program on 1/25/13: This class and experience was truly intriguing and completely interactive - I loved it, and my children were completely enthralled. It was really amazing to hear some of the theories put out there by the children, you could almost 'see' how the evidence, once collected, was 'churning' in their heads to arrive at all the possible conclusions. There were so many twists and turns in our investigation, it was really neat to see how it all tied together, in the end. It was age appropriate for all the children, and the adults, too! It was the closest experience to seeing what actually goes on in a crime lab, that most of us will ever see.

Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge, Swanton, VT:  

Forensic Science - Hair, Trace, and Handwriting:  This program covers a variety of evidence types, including handwriting, tool marks, tire tracks, hair analysis, trace evidence, and others.  This program has a full a mock crime scene.  This program will be held on January 27 from 10:00 to 3:45.

Forensic Anthropology: This program covers bones, facial reconstruction on plastic skulls (a really run activity), and historical forensic analysis.  It has a full mock crime scene.  This program will be held on February 24, from 10:00 to 3:45.

There is a discount for signing up multiple kids or for signing up for both programs at the same time.  Please visit the Registrations page for the online registration system.